About Miriam

My mom taught me to crochet at a very young age. I still remember getting frustrated at my wonky sides and not being able to figure out that I was dropping stitches at the end of each row!

I’ve always enjoyed being creative in my spare time – I drew cartoons for the longest time when I was in my early teens, watching animated movies on a VHS (!) such as The sword in the stone and pausing images which I then drew from screen. Over the years I dabbled in pastel drawing, charcoal drawing, lino printing and live drawing and messed around a little with acrylic paints. In 2009 when I still lived in Canterbury I even joined the Canterbury Art Society. But then I decided to embark on an MBA at the Kent Business School and suddenly changing career direction and trying to establish myself in a new career took precedence. Those were some very tough years and highly stressful!

In early 2015 things started to go along nicely career-wise, so I decided that I was spending far too much time working and needed to re-address my work-life balance. I decided I didn’t know how to sew and spontaneously signed myself up to  Introduction to Sewing – class at Sew Over It in London (a very expensive 2 days..) but I was hooked (pun intended). At the same time I remembered my mom forever telling me I should learn to knit – in the past I always thought “why should I knit a jumper when I can buy it so much cheaper and instantly?!” and never understanding the satisfaction that goes into creating something you can wear and show off – so off I went to John Lewis Haberdashery and purchased a chunky Wooly yarn and some knitting needles. The wool sleeve had instructions on how to knit a wooly hat which I attempted the same evening at home. Oh boy, did I get frustrated! My stitches were far too tight and I barely made a first row before I threw the needles away in frustration. But not before I remembered that I knew how to crochet! So off I went the following day after work back to John Lewis Haberdashery to purchase crochet hooks and more wool (as you do..) and went back home and started practising crochet. It all came back to me very quickly and quickly snowballed from there to beanies, scarfs, cardigans and other things crochet.

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