The Dot Cotton Sweater from WATG – part 2

Following on from my earlier post THE DOT COTTON SWEATER FROM WATG – part 1 I continued muddling my way through the Wool and The Gang Dot Cotton Sweater pattern instructions to finally put my jumper together.

I was really keen to get this piece finished as I loved the colours and the order in which they eventually appeared in my final make. I wanted to wear it out as soon as possible and while there was still some sunshine left (because let’s not kid ourselves, the jumper comes out a little airy…).

Colour, so many combinations and lots of balls of yarn

Coming up with my colour choices was something I struggled with! Oh my, I now have a full appreciation of people creating colour packs! I had stocked up during the Drops Sale in July and thus had a good number of shades to choose from, but I imagine it would have been even more difficult had I had ALL available shades to play with. I think my tiny mind would likely have exploded from too much choice 😉 .

I had 4 blues to chose from, 3 greens and 4 reds. Makes a total of 48 possible combinations! Gulp..

I arranged, re-arranged and re-arranged some more my balls of Drops Paris in a number of differing orders. I found that leaving the order alone for maybe 5-10 minutes to come back to made it easier for me to appreciate the new colour arrangement, and avoided what I am going to term “colour- blindness” (I know its not really colour blindness, but you know what I am trying to get at here…).

From the reds, the Heather and Light Light pink were quickly a no; from the greens, the Cotton Light Khaki was ruled out as even using it double-stranded I didn’t like the colour, same for the grassy Green. From the blues the Petrol, Dark Wash and Spray Blue were ruled out pretty quickly too. I left out Khaki and Green, but below are the remaining colour combinations for you to drool over….

There. Now that’s a lot of yarn balls, right? 🙂

The colour combination I finally decided on is the one below, and I really love how these colours compliment each other. Moss Green, Dark Old Pink, Powder Pink and Grey Blue.


Crocheting the rectangular main motifs together worked up pretty quickly, as it was just treble crochet stitch. Exactly for that reason, and that reason alone, it is my favourite stitch – it’s easy to put your hook on fire with this stitch churning them out fast! I was finally starting to be able to see what the final version was going to look like but first I had to weave in all those ends! Aaaaaaahhh…..


IMG_2571 I didn’t count how many ends there were in total, but listening to The Hunchback of Notre Dame made it not so bad. I know there are many of you out there who totally abhor having to weave in ends – I am one of you!! But I came to wonder, if you try to make this abhorrent task as pleasant as possible – pick a great location, have some great tunes to listen to, have a favourite drink (make that your favourite cuppa, a glass of vino, a pint of ale), or watch a great TV show (GoT’s…) or listen to an interesting podcast but most importantly – put yourself in the frame of mind that weaving in ends is “actually not thaaat bad”. And it totally worked!

I weaved and weaved those ends in until they were all gone without every having the urge to just throw it all across the room 😉 .

Things are starting to take shape

I placed the main motif and side panels carefully next to each other, pinching together at the ends to ensure the length would be aligned and I would be able to whip stitch them together without any bunching up. Once I aligned both panels I picked up and pinched both sides together carefully where I was whip stitching, not lifting the sides off my working surface too much to preserve my alignment as much as possible, and whip stitched both sides together at the start and end of each treble crochet along the whole length.

The sleeves were relatively easily arranged too, folding the sleeve in half and thus finding the middle point and aligning it with the top of the shoulder using a stitch marker to secure them together. Again I carefully aligned one half of the sleeve with the armhole and with minimum movement to preserve my alignment I whip stitched the sleeve onto the arm hole. Using this technique I had no overhanging material nor was I ever short of material and everything aligned beautifully. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of putting the sleeves in!

Afterwards I tried on the jumper super-excited! …but felt it was still a bit too short for me so added 3 additional rows of treble crochet to the bottom. I think this balances the top and bottom of the motif much better if I hadn’t added those rows. And there you have it!

Made and Loved!


Things I found out during this make

  • Ensure the main colour of the WATG Dot Cotton jumper is a colour which you can match with a camisole to wear under (and matching bra straps if possible). This will ensure crisp clean lines when it comes to wearing this statement jumper out and you will be able to wear it more proudly and less self-consciously.
  • I love the colour palette available for Drops Paris and I particularly loved the Drops Sale in July!
  • My favourite colour of Drops Paris is this
  • My second favourite colour of Drops Paris is this
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a very very looong book

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Miriam XOXO


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