Make a quirky cloud face scrubby


I wanted to share with you a free pattern I created which I hope will put a smile on your face every morning when you’re getting  your scrub on at the basin or in the shower!

I honestly could not wait to finish this make and put it to the test. When I first put it to the test I could not help smirking at the cloud’s grin – RESULT! #madeandlovedcloudscrubby

I would categorise this as “can be a little tricky” and mainly because of the fuzzy nature of the yarn I used and the thickness of said fuzz pinpointing each stitch can be a little tricky if you’re not beyond the beginner state. But fear not! – you can always make this in cotton DK and use as a face cloth instead.

I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you will too.

Getting started

  • UK size 4 mm hook
  • Main colour: Red Heart Scrubby (worsted weight) 100 g in colour coconut
  • Red Heart Scrubby (worsted weight) 100 g in colour Royal Real – you will only need a small amount to decorate your cloud
  • Two stitch markers, optional


  • Tension is not really important for this make
  • Size of final make will be 12 cm at its highest and 17.5 cm at its widest point
  • Stitches used: double crochet (dc), slip stitch (sl st), double crochet 2 together (dc2tog), chain (ch), turning chain (tc), back stitch (a basic embroidery stitch)

Making it gooooorgeous

For backstitching on the face and/or the additional cloud outline just use the image of my scrubby as a guideline.

If you are using DK cotton instead of the Scrubby yarn, you may need to be a bit tidier in hiding and weaving in ends as the scrubby yarn is a little more forgiving as a result of its fuzz mentioned earlier.


  1. With coconut, ch 25 sts as the base chain. Add 1 tc.
  2. In double crochet, work 6 rows of 25 dc, adding 1 tc at the end of each row.
  3. Now you will double crochet 2 stitches together – draw loop through next 2 stitches, yarn round hook and pull through all 3 loops on hook. You have just completed dc2tog. Continue in dc for the next 21 stitches. Dc2tog. 1 tc.
  4. Dc2tog. Continue for next 19 stitches in dc. Dc2tog. 1 tc.
  5. Dc2tog. Continue for next 17 stitches in dc. Dc2tog. 1 tc.
  6. Now make 4 slip stitches. Dc2tog across the next 2 stitches. Continue for next 12 stitches in dc. 1 tc.
  7. Dc2tog. Continue for next 9 stitches in dc. Dc2tog. 1 tc.
  8. Dc2tog. Continue for next 8 stitches in dc. 1 tc.
  9. Work 2 rows of 8 dc, adding 1 tc at the end of each row.
  10. Dc2tog. Work 4 dc. Dc2tog. 1 tc.
  11. Dc2tog. Work 2 dc. Dc2tog. 1 tc.
  12. Dc2tog. Dc2tog. 1 tc.
  13. Dc2tog. 1tc.
  14. Dc around whole of cloud you have just created, working 3 dc into both bottom corners. Slip stitch into first stitch of this round and leave a long tail before cutting your yarn. The tails of both sides will form a chain and loop (made by a skip knot) so that you can hang your cloud somewhere convenient in the bathroom.
  15. Repeat the above steps to make your second half of your scrubby.

fullsizeoutput_127116. Using the backstitch, stitch the outline cloud and eyes and smile onto both halves. Take care to chose the correct side when stitching as these have to fit on top of each other when it comes to crocheting them together to create a glove, as you want the tails of your embroidery to remain on the inside.



I’m not sure if this came out as well as I thought it would, but I added a little “#” to the cloud outline. You can skip this  if you like. Loosely tie the ends of the Royal Real yarn on the back

17. Before you start crocheting both sides together place your first half right side down and place your hand on top of it. Your fingers minus the thumb will sit within the tallest part of the cloud. Take note the size of gap you need to leave at the bottom of your cloud to have space to insert your hand. You can use stitch markers to mark your start and end locations if you will find this easier, I just winged it. For me the gap was about 8 cm.

18. Place both items together with the wrong side facing inwards, and start crocheting both sides together using the Coconut yarn, in dc. Be sure to leave the tails from each cloud outside the pouch. Tie off and weave in ends in the inside. You can turn your scrubby a little inside out to make this easier

19. Now we will create a short chain and slip knot at the top of our cloud scrubby with the two tails. Put your hook through the top chain catching both tails and pull a loop through. Make a a chain of approx 7, pull a larger loop through the last stitch and tie this off, looping ends around the base of the slip knot and tying it in a double knot. The fuzz of the yarn is very forgiving here and you won’t notice how its been tied off. If you are using DK yarn in cotton, you can pull the large loop not quite as far, make a knot into the two strands and pull your loop until the knot stops it from moving any further. Cut off any remaining tail.

Congratulations! You now have a super smiley Cloud Scrubby to make you smile every morning. Particularly useful on Monday mornings!


Do let me know how you are getting on (Comment below) and share your makes using the hashtag #madeandlovedcloudscrubby

Made and Loved! XOXO


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