I purchased this pattern the Dot Cotton Sweater from WATG some time ago last year together with a basic knitting pattern, the TS Street Hoodie (..which I still need to assemble..not as easy as I thought as a beginner knitter!). I believe you can’t purchase the pattern alone anymore, at least not from what I could find on the WATG website, which is a shame. I do like their patterns but find their wool a little overpriced. Having said this, I do love their crazy sexy wool, particularly their teal and fuchsia colours!

I recently purchased a lot of Drops Paris yarn (Aran weight) in a number of colours while Drops was on Sale during the month of July to add lots of colour to my stash. From there I played with colour combinations. Instead of the bright and primary colours from the original pattern I wanted something more subtle and in the end decided on the combination below.


I had to prepare 4 identical granny squares and loved seeing my chosen colour combination come to fruition.

The side panels were just a matter of simple triple crochet for the length of the granny squares and then to be attached to form the upper chest and upper back parts before sewing the side panels to the front and back granny squares, followed by adding the sleeves.


And this is where I am currently at. I have started sewing in some ends on the granny squares, but I am dragging my heals a bit on this – I hate weaving in ends!! It’s the devil! Anyone with me here on this one?! To be continued…


2 thoughts on “THE DOT COTTON SWEATER FROM WATG – part 1

  1. Dagmara says:

    Wait you made this sweater yourself? All I can say is wow! That’s amazing. That’s one beautiful way to add a personal touch to your clothing. Love the colors and the pattern!

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